Arabic Support android localization

People don’t do business with companies, people do business with people. Localization is very important to harmonize your product so that it can speak to as much people as it can.Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local "look and feel". This involves localization of product interface, product user guides and manuals.When it comes to mobiles and/or tablets with Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS...etc operating systems, the product will run on many devices in many regions. To reach the most users, their application should handle text, audio files, numbers, currency, and graphics in ways appropriate to the locales where the application will be used.Successful localization yields a high quality native tongue translation and retains the functionality of the product. Localization must also consider how various cultural conventions in the target country require implementing source code changes.The high cost of localization requires a series of optimization measures such as the preservation of translations from the last project and the avoidance of repeated text fragments. Our competitive advantage is that we are always able to save substantial localization cost as part of an increased software development effort on the client side.Accordingly,

The Arabic Support for Android Localization Process in Parfield:

The diagram below shows an overview of the linguistic processes that take place in any Parfield typical localization project.

diagramThe translation process takes as a base the previous translation work and integrates this translation into the translation memory. This way only new or changed items need to be translated, saving time and preserving a consistent terminology.

A project In Parfield is usually divided into four phases:

1. Preparation Tasks:

  •  Creation of a project schedule
  •  Setup of the project team
  •  Analysis of the product and terminology research
  •  Pre-Production planning
  •  Glossary development

2. Linguistic and Translation Tasks:

  • Translation of software strings
  • Printed Documentation & User Guides
  • Incorporating target language screen captures
  • Translating any required Add-ons

3. Engineering Tasks:

  • Extraction of text strings from the software 
  • Dialog box resizing because of text swell
  • Adaptation of Onscreen keys, tab order, menu options, buttons.
  • Adaptation of sorting orders in list boxes
  • Localization of input methods and multilingual text input.
  • DTP layouting of the translated documentation.

4. Testing Tasks:

  • Consistency checks against localized software
  • User Interface Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Cosmetic Testing

Parfield was one of the first localization companies in the region to provide a new definition of Android localization. Mainly Parfield provides Arabic localization services alon with several other languages that Android doesn't support. The localization we provide is to be used by mobile & tablet manufacturers to be put into the mobile ROM.

Supported Languages For Android Localization

  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Urdu
  • Hebrew

Android Revolution

With the current success of the Android
devices in the global and regional markets and with Android phones sales booming from 160,000 Android Phones Selling Per Day in 2009 To 4.8 Million Android Handsets Go Online Per Month by now according to Google, the Arab world needs an Arabic solution to be able to be part of this phenomena.

Parfield was one of the 1st localization companies in the region that provides a new definition of Android localization (specially Arabization). Mainly, Parfield works on Arabic Localization services along with Hebrew, Persian & Urdu Localization.

We do what Google did not do:

1. Android 1.6 to Android 3: (No Arabic was included in those releases).

  • Our Arabic Support for Android utilizes all the functions of Android Phone in Arabic.
  • Manage Contacts names and information in Arabic
  • Send and receive Arabic SMS/MMS.
  • Correspond through E-mail and organize your calendar, tasks and notes in Arabic.
  • Change number, currency, time, and date settings to Arabic.
  • Surf the Arabic Internet updatedbs with no problems.
  • Chat with your buddies, family and co-workers in Arabic.
  • Key-in text in Arabic or English using advanced features Arabic / English keyboard (with support of hardware keyboards too)

2. Android 4 (1st Official Arabic Android from Google):

Native Arabic support in Android 4 is very "Basic". It misses a lot of Arabic features that we fill with our Arabic Support for Android (localization/Arabization) solution for Android ver. 4. Along with the above Arabic Support for Android features in Android 1.6 to Android 3.0, we provide the mirroring (RTL layout) among several other features. That is why top international icons among the mobile makers still depend on our solution even after the release of Android 4 with its Arabic support.

Arabic Support for Android Localization Features:

  1. Full integration with OS libraries and framework.
  2. Full Arabic and Persian bidirectional and shaping engine.
  3. Full QWERTY and multi-touch keypad.
  4. Support of hardware and software keyboard (IME).
  5. Adaptive word suggestion

Windows Mobile Localization

We have developed many applications as well as a full localization solution. our solution include transparent Arabic support all over the system components and applications.

Consultation Services

  1. Consultation Services for system level programming.
  2. Consultation Services for localization, Arabization and bidirectional language related issues.

Applications Framework Services

We provide framework solutions for our clients product. Our solution include Client & Server Framework and Community, Rating & Comments Framework