Arab people prefer an Android with Native Arabic Support

Our Android Market store shows us alot of dimensions. Our store visitors are most probably Arab users.
One of the reports that got to our attention is this report. It shows the Top 10 models used by our store visitors during the last month.
You might notice that all phones in the list are either Samsung or HTC (Both are the oldest brands with Full Arabic support in the ME region). They preceded other Android brands in the region such as LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson …etc in this.
That is why they took higher market share in the Arab world as the only alternative solution for users with non Arabic device is to root the device to install Arabic which voids the warranty.


1 Samsung Galaxy S2                               51.4%
2    Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)             15.8%
3    Samsung GT-I9100G                            9.0%
4    Samsung GT-N7000                             4.9%
5    Samsung Galaxy S Plus                        3.6%
6    Samsung Galaxy Tab                           1.5%
7    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1                    1.2%
8    HTC Sensation 4G                               1.2%
9    Samsung Galaxy Ace                           1.2%
10  HTC Desire HD                                    0.9%

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