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Why Arabic is so difficult in localization?

“Arabic poses some of the greatest web localization challenges because of poor software support and an acute shortage of Arabic translators”
- John Yunker, Beyond Borders – Web Globalization Strategies

Arabic is from the Semitic language family, hence its grammar is very different from English. Arabic has a three consonant root as its basis. All words (parts of speech) are formed by combining the three-root consonants with fixed vowel patterns and, sometimes, an affix. Arab learners may be confused by the lack of patterns in English that would allow them to distinguish nouns from verbs or adjectives, etc.


To Localize Or Not To Localize

All companies selling internationally will sooner or later face the question of whether to localize their products and services, or not .
To narrow down the scope of possible answers, it is essential for a company with a global vision to first identify the geographies that are of interest to it. Often firms enter international markets with their domestic offering and do not localize products, web pages and collateral until they see a definite opportunity to increase revenues. Revenue potential, strategic goals and other forces can help identify the most promising target markets for localization and enable a company to take a proactive instead of simply a reactive role.


Arab people prefer an Android with Native Arabic Support

Our Android Market store shows us alot of dimensions. Our store visitors are most probably Arab users.
One of the reports that got to our attention is this report. It shows the Top 10 models used by our store visitors during the last month.
You might notice that all phones in the list are either Samsung or HTC (Both are the oldest brands with Full Arabic support in the ME region). They preceded other Android brands in the region such as LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson …etc in this.
That is why they took higher market share in the Arab world as the only alternative solution for users with non Arabic device is to root the device to install Arabic which voids the warranty.


Watch Movies On Android Mobile With Crackle App

Android fans looking for more streaming content will be happy to know that Crackle have launched a new streaming tv and movie app for Google Android. The Crackle app, which is owned by Sony lets viewers watch full length streaming TV, movies, and web series. However, if you want anything decent to watch, you will have to pay for it. But it is the first app for Android offering this service, until the Netflix app comes along that is.