Al-Moazin, is a must have companion for all Muslims.
With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even if you traveled to a totally new country.
You don't need to ask anyone for Qibla direction anymore. With digital compass integration feature, Al-Moazin will show you the exact direction accurately.
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  • Islamic prayer times with different calculation methods.
  • Hijri calendar, and ability to correct it manually according to Hilal sighting.
  • Qiblah direction based on phone's compass capabilities
  • Follow me, update prayer time automatically while traveling using wireless mobile capabilities.
  • Fajr wakup notification, additional to the default notifications set before and after Prayers.
  • Follow phone ringer mode which make Azan notifications are played as audio, visual or vibration
  • Visual warning for the time left before the next Prayer comes in, using simple widget.

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